• In-ground Anaerobic Reactors


  • Industrial Anaerobic Treatment Systems


  • Gas Handling


  • H2S Scrubbers


  • Biogas Upgrading


  • Biogas from biomass


  • Biogas System Components


  • Waste-to-Energy Consulting
KPSR Construction offers biogas project services for industrial applications in SE Asia, Pacific and African regions.

Biogas projects are a niche activity, customized to site circumstances. A prudent approach to technology choice and capital cost is required to ensure reliable operation, good overall conversion and a satisfactory financial outcome. In all these areas we exceed expectations.

KPSR offers an experienced process design and a choice of project implementation methods, such as consultancy and design, project management, and partnership with investors. We would be a leading contender for biogas project solutions in palm oil milling, starch manufacturing or distillery waste. Crop residues can also be put to beneficial use.

KPSR can design from waste outlet from a factory until the inlet flange of gas engines or gas burners. Gas scrubbing, dehumidification and upgrading is within our scope.

Independent, KPSR recommends leading equipment brands for project components.

Completing and operating an industrial biogas project requires a significant commitment of time and effort, as well as being very rewarding. If you are considering such a venture, please feel welcome to contact us.